Children & Families

Family is the foundation stone of society. the first block in the building of each of us. Painting the love that binds people together and the feeling each member of the family can have for the other as individuals is always a joy.

Here is a selection of my portraits of children. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Family group
Boy leaning on wall
girl in white dress
Painting of baby and bird
Painting of a man and woman
Painting of a man and woman in a field
Painting of a young woman
Painting of woman in profile
Painting of man with tool belt
Painting of family on picnic blanket
Painting of a little girl in white dress
Painting of little boy in striped shirt
Painting of man wearing hat
Painting of 3 teenage girls
Girl in White Dress
Painting of girl with teddy bear
Painting of boy in blue shirt
Painting of little girl with apple

portrait of boy in striped shirt
Portrait of girl with apple
Portrait of boy in dress shirt
Portrait of baby and bird
Portrait of 3 boys
Portrait of girl in white dress
Portrait of family with guitar
Portrait of girl on chair
Portrait of girl in garden
Portrait of boy in garden
Portrait of family on blanket
Portrait of boy leaning on wall
Portrait of family on beach
Portrait of boy in hockey gear
Portrait of girl in yellow dress
Portrait of girl standing in white dress
Portrait of boy and girl fishing
Portrait of sisters at piano