A Shared Journey: The Portraits of David Goatley - A Retrospective
The Nanaimo Art Gallery

David Goatley - Hanging the Show

David - ready to go, standing beside his portrait of Colin and Erica Ross.

Many thanks to those who so generously leant their portraits for this retrospective exhibition.

We hope you will enjoy these photos, taken at the hanging as well as at the opening Sept. 1, 2011.

To view a PDF of the Exhibition Catalogue choose A Shared Journey from the Books Etc. menu or click here.

The Port City of Nanaimo became the first public art gallery to host a retrospective of David's portraits. Drawing together 58 works spanning 19 years of public and private commissions loaned from government and personal collections in BC. The show also features family and self portraits illustrating David's development as an artist and a man.

The opening was well attended and the exhibition catalogue was well received with many patrons leaving with 2 or even 3 signed copies tucked under their arms.

The staff and volunteers at the Nanaimo Art Gallery were generous with the time and effort both hanging the show, at the opening and each day of the exhibition. A special thank you to Ed Poli, Manager, Ian Niamath, President and Paul Fudge, VP of the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

David Goatley - Before the Opening

Before the Opening - David with NAG Manager Ed Poli

David Goatley at NAG

David pictured with his portraits of (left to right) Catherine Moffat (artist), Glen Howarth, RCA (artist), Robert Bateman, OC (artist), Valdy, OC (folk legend), and Colin Skinner (actor) as Don Quixote.

Nanaimo Art Gallery - David Goatley Opening




Hanging the Show

David Goatley and Ed Poli - contemplating

Almost ready - David and Ed Poli contemplating

David with (left to right) Chief Robert Martin, Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, 19th Prime Minister of Canada, and the
Hon. Iona Campagnolo, 27th Lt. Governor of BC


At the Opening